A drink or 5 too many.

A drink or 5 too many.

When you talk to guests after a wedding day, what are the things they remember most?

More times than not you’ll hear – Food, Booze and Dancing and that’s fine until one of the 3 has gone to excess. We’re not talking about the extra helping of tri tip during dinner.

The one thing that can get some guests into trouble are the multiple tequila shots, several mixed drinks or anything that has hard alcohol attached to it. A lot of couples don’t realize it until it’s too late and their friend is either to drunk to stand or head first in the bushes. We see this far too often and the culprit is normally the mixed drinks.

There is no problem offering beer, wine and other drinks but you need to know when to cut off the hard stuff. We often times suggest hard liquor service being stopped 60 to 90 minutes prior to the end of the wedding. We have found this saves a lot of drama at the end of a night and the bride and groom’s last memory isn’t of their friend passed out under a table.

The other really important thing to think to consider is letting your friends sober up before they leave the venue. You want them to get home safely, without a DUI, hopefully not too big of a hangover but to have a great memory of your wedding day! :)