Believe it or not, not all brides are flower lovers! Or maybe you are a “Green” bride and want to use recycled treasures….or have allergies….or just want something funky!

It is fun seeing brides mix it up and do their own thing. A way to infuse a little personality is to swap out the traditional bridal bouquet for something a bit offbeat: an alternative bouquet!

Here’s our friend Lydia’s wedding bouquet that she held as she got married in front of an ancient church in Paris this last summer (I know, right?!!)

image courtesy of Blue Lace Photography

Congratulations Lydia! (image courtesy of Blue Lace Photography)

Here are some more beautiful and creative examples of bridal bouquets…..
Bouquet 1

There are companies out there that specialize in making this type of bouquet. If you are a DIY kind of bride, it would be a fun project collecting and creating something that is uniquely you.
Bouquet 2

I love this one. Beautiful pieces of paper from the craft store can be re­born into something as beautiful as this!!
Bouquet 3

My final picture stopped me in my tracks. I love it so much. Buttons and brooches piled high and surrounded by leather. Wow.
Bouquet 4

If flowers may not be for you, think about the things that are tangible that represent you or aspects of your personality. This may be the fodder in coming up with an idea that is as unique as you :)

Shawn Cavlan