Brandon Portillo Sound In Motion Entertainment Group Wedding DJMeet Brandon Portillo!

Brandon is a San Jose native, born and raised. Coming from a hispanic background, he has acquired the skills to communicate efficiently in both English and Spanish. He played lead trumpet in school for several years, and he believes his experiences have allowed him to develop a mature and highly eclectic taste in music of all genres.  

Brandon is an all around nice guy and a person who is very easy to communicate with, making planning as stress free as he is! He takes pride in his work as he is very committed to each event he is a part of. He is a very creative individual, and due to his background in child care services, gets along great with the kids of all ages! He is pursuing his degree in law enforcement, one day hoping to excel as a police officer and giving back to the community he cares about.

Check in today to see if Brandon is available for your next event!