“I knew we had a party for the history books when my mom joined the other girls on the floor to do the worm.”

“…our day was magical and could not have been without you.”

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for making our wedding such a fantastic night. You were and are a legend!!”

“The professionalism of this company is a 10. It wasn’t your usual ‘tired of hearing it’ wedding music.”

Traditional Mexican Wedding Reception

Walking into a venue where a Mexican wedding is taking place can seem normal and no different from any other wedding. Of course the grand announcement, family chatter as everyone is excited to be reunited with loved ones, the exquisite decor and the smell of love in the air. However, don’t be fooled! If you…

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Everyone Plays A Part!

Everyone knows that planning a wedding is a big undertaking. The stakes are high, priorities and opinions start emerging and you might suddenly you realize you are in way deeper than you ever imagined! Consider that if this weren’t the case, where would the value be in the full-time wedding planner who makes a career…

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Don’t Forget To Have Fun At Your Wedding!

Hundreds of hours are spent planning a wedding. Picking out the wedding dress, location, date, who to invite, choosing the vendors etc. In the minds of most couples is to make sure their guests have a great time on the wedding day. The one thing that can be forgotten is making sure the couple has…

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Officiants Pro vs. Friend

Hey there! Some officiant advice here for you today… So, should you hire a pro or just get that articulate friend or special uncle to do it? If you have your friend or uncle do it you can save some money, and it could end up being really, really special for you both. If you…

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Italian Wedding Traditions

– by Adrian Cavlan of Sound In Motion Entertainment Group Here are ten ways to make your wedding feel a little (or a lot) Italian! Be an Italian bride from days of yore and wear green on the eve of your wedding for good luck! If you are superstitious, on the wedding day, make sure…

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When The Lights Go Out At The Riviera Hotel

Every year Mobile Beat Magazine hosts DJ Conference in Las Vegas. It’s a 4 day event where DJ/MCs from all over the world get together, sit in on seminars during the day and late night “Seminars” at the nightclubs. You might be asking where this event takes place. The Riviera Hotel on The Strip has…

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On The Road With San Jose Sharks

As a passionate fan of hockey – I’ve always wanted to visit the Original 6 cities – Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, New York and Boston. To date I have only visited Detroit. Last week I had the opportunity to travel with The Sharks to Toronto and Montreal. It was an amazing experience. So much to…

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Wrestlemania Running Wild Over Santa Clara!

It was March 31, 1985 when the first Wrestlemania took place inside Madison Square Garden in NYC. Some of the names on the card were Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Jimmy “Super Fly” Snuka. Wrestlemania 3 – featured Hulk Hogan battling Andre’ The Giant in front of 93,173 fans at the Pontiac…

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