“I just wanted to say thank you very much for making our wedding such a fantastic night. You were and are a legend!!”

“…our day was magical and could not have been without you.”

“The professionalism of this company is a 10. It wasn’t your usual ‘tired of hearing it’ wedding music.”

“I knew we had a party for the history books when my mom joined the other girls on the floor to do the worm.”

Pros & Cons Of Open Mic Toasts At Your Event

BLOG By Adrian Cavlan “Yeah I got something to say!” is how it started… and then the puckering and cringing became almost audible in themselves as the groom’s college buddy Pete grabbed the mic from the MC and started in. Oh, it was a horror show. In the three minutes that Pete commandeered the mic…

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A Little Candlestick Park Nostalgia

The following is something Adrian shared a couple years ago as the lights went down for the last time at Candlestick Park. All of us that are 49ers fans will love the following post. ENJOY. ======== It was such an incredible honor and privilege to be part of the production team in the ceremonial closing…

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Weddings: Is there a dark side?

Weddings: Is there a dark side? By Adrian Cavlan Ahhh, you know us here at Sound In Motion: for better or for worse, we don’t sugar coat it or shy away from human truths. If you want a constant feed of puppies and rainbows while you are planning your wedding, you can visit almost any…

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Do You Have Plan B Wedding Day?

You have prepped and planned this day for months and the backdrop has always been sun. What do you do if Mother Nature forces you to take a left turn and run for cover? There has been a lot of great advice written about what to do if it rains on your wedding day. Here…

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A Look Inside Latin Music

Being a diverse DJ at Sound in Motion, I’ve had events that require some epic Latin songs to keep the party going. The biggest request I have working in the Bay Area have been for Banda and Cumbia. Although they are completely different from each other. Banda (more regional Mexico origin) consisting of a 16…

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The Sounds Of Variety At Your Event

Here at Sound In Motion, our training program covers A LOT of ground! One of the most fun, and interestingly, most challenging parts for our trainees is our Music History section. Within those units, our trainees are exposed to so much – from Baroque and BeBop to Trap and Twerk! One of the simple principles…

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What You Can Do For Cocktail & Dinner Music

Back in the ‘80s and early ‘90s days of mobile DJing, you’d always go to parties and hear the same thing for cocktail (and/or, God forbid…) dinner hour: elevator music. Whether it was the odious but necessary Kenny G and David Sanborn pap or the wildly popular at the time “New Age” music (noodling) of…

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Music Requests @ Your Event

If you are a music minded person, the idea of selecting the soundtrack to your wedding can be really exciting and sometimes a bit daunting. Most Brides and Grooms want their night to end with everyone having fun on the dance floor. They want the music to be great, and they want to hear the…

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Suggestions For Memorials

by Adrian Cavlan We spend so much of our time in celebration mode here at SIM. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, holiday party, school dance, Bar Mitzvah, Quinceanera… you name the party and we’re there whooping it up with your and your guests any and every way you want us to (and none of…

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