“The professionalism of this company is a 10. It wasn’t your usual ‘tired of hearing it’ wedding music.”

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for making our wedding such a fantastic night. You were and are a legend!!”

“…our day was magical and could not have been without you.”

“I knew we had a party for the history books when my mom joined the other girls on the floor to do the worm.”

Cinco de Mayo!!

Cinco de Mayo as we all know in the USA is a day when we celebrate Mexico’s independence. Although the real day to celebrate is September 16th which is the actual day Mexico’s independence was won. You will see this being celebrated by a parade of vehicles with Mexican flags, loud music and of course…

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Ethnic Music Requests At Your Event

The music of the world has always fascinated and delighted us here at Sound In Motion. Whether it was the famous songs of the Neapolitan folk tradition that I grew up with or it was the unique oud and dumbek-driven rhythms of the Armenian culture that my partner Raffi Nalvarian came from, we got started…

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Powered By SIM!

Sometimes you see a billboard or hearing radio commercials that hint at a company being “powered by” and something relevant to their business will then follow. Well here at Sound in Motion, we like to believe that we bring that statement to it’s true meaning and even take it a step further. Just the other day we had…

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Internet Music History 101

  – by Adrian Cavlan If a person wants to listen to a specific song these days, he or she is most likely doing so via YouTube, Spotify, Pandora or perhaps an almost infinite selection of radio stations from around the world broadcasting over the internet. But it wasn’t always this way, was it? Funny…

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St. Patrick’s Day Recipe & Reflection

By Shawn Cavlan I did not grow up in a household that really identified with the cultural background of my parents. My Mom came from a small Polish farming town in Michigan. My Dad from an Irish Catholic neighborhood in Boston. When they met and moved to California, neither one of them brought much in…

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It’s a Family Affair @ Sound In Motion

by Adrian Cavlan You know, lots of companies talk about wanting to create a “family atmosphere” at work. Here at Sound In Motion, we dreamt about it from the very day we started this business and are proud to say we are living that very dream today! With the number of weddings we are lucky…

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Grandma’s Gonna Dance!

You know those DJs who get to your wedding and then decide they have to show everyone how cool they are by playing nothing but music that came out in the last 6 months? Nothing but 3 hours of dance music that only that small knot of “cool people” on the dance floor will know?…

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Sharing The Love….Songs. <3

We all know the romance that surrounds Valentine’s Day. There is always talk of roses, dinner, proposing to your future wife and so on. Something that is often time forgotten is a musical soundtrack. It is very common to place a song with the person you love. Have you ever tried to assemble a playlist…

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BIG NEWS FOR SOUND IN MOTION!  SIM PHOTOGRAPHY Sound in Motion is now proudly offering wedding photography services starting at just $3,000! All wedding packages include 2 photographers, online proofing & digital images. The best part is the convenience of working with only one company to handle all of your music, lighting, videography and imaging needs!…

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