Brian Mundy Owner of Schurra’s

As you can guess we have the luxury of being food and dessert critics just by the amount of events we do in a year.  There are a lot of good options for sweet favors. One that I like to recommend all the time is Schurra’s Fine Confections.  They’ve been in downtown San Jose since the early 1930’s and are locally and family owned business.

I stopped in a couple weeks ago to check out the magic behind the scenes.  Was I surprised!!!  I think I was expecting to see some kind of monster production machine – But instead it was the business owner Brian Mundy in the back reviewing his recipes, stirring and continually looking at the thermometer to make sure everything was just perfect.  It was REALLY REALLY cool to see how it was all done and then being able to see and taste the sweets.  My other job will one day be Quality Control at Schurra’s.

If you are ever in search of some great local sweets give this business a shot!  Whether you need sweets for a wedding or a gift for a friend or client – Check out Schurra’s on The Alameda.  I would normally say to visit them on the web but chocolate just doesn’t taste as good when you can ONLY look at it.

Here’s their site anyway –