The music of the world has always fascinated and delighted us here at Sound In Motion. Whether it was the famous songs of the Neapolitan folk tradition that I grew up with or it was the unique oud and dumbek-driven rhythms of the Armenian culture that my partner Raffi Nalvarian came from, we got started early in our appreciation of international sounds.

Fast-forward to the mid-90’s and you would have found my well-known Global Village radio program at NPR-affiliate KUSP and Raffi’s rise in DJing for the Indian community in the South Bay as our interest and growth in world music continued to expand.

It is important to note, however, that our knowledge of the world’s music traditions has really been mostly driven by our clients. Whether it has been Mexican, Russian, Egyptian, Croatian, Australian, Brazilian, Chinese, Israeli… the list goes on and on! … our clients have taught us not only who the great artists of their cultures are and what songs are the most beloved, but, even more, they have told us which versions of those songs are the ones that their families love best.

And – that’s the key: when you tell us exactly the songs and versions you and your family love, you put us all in a position to win! We highly encourage this.

The last thing you want is to have a DJ tell you that he has the song, but then he puts it on at your event and your guests all stop, point, stare… and leave the dance floor. The DJ is crushed, and you are crushed. We certainly don’t want crushing, so our secret to avoid that unpleasantness is preparation.

If there are a lot of specific songs, we encourage our clients to DropBox or mail a flash drive of them to the DJ to borrow for the night of your party. If there are only a few, just point him to the links to purchase them on Amazon or iTunes and we’ll be happy to do that.

The key is for us to have them well in advance (read: not the night before!) This way, he has a chance to listen to them in advance, understand their musical characteristics and structure and will then be able to program them in the best possible way at your party.

Sounds good, right?

Well, that’s what we’re always aiming for here at Sound In Motion.

Thanks for reading!

Adrian Cavlan


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