Sound In Motion has a long track record as a professional, reliable company that can really rock the house!

Both the students and the administration will thank you for choosing our company, and here’s why:

  1. We play a great assortment of music, emphasizing student requests – not just one kind all night!
  2. We get only clean versions of the latest songs and then screen the songs for language and content.
  3. We show up ON TIME, with equipment that WORKS, dressed appropriately and without a crew of useless hangers-on.
  4. We also include our basic light show with every dance to create a festive atmosphere.

We also offer HUGE arch-trussed light shows, and Video DJing (VJ) too with huge twin projection screens!

Here’s some video showing our Serato Scratch Live Video DJing system with full video effects!

Sound in Motion Video Mixing from Sound in Motion on Vimeo.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now & get the info you need to make your next dance the best one ever! Contact us today!