Having been a mobile DJ since 1999, DJ Matthew Cope stands as one of Central California’s more experienced and outstanding mobile disc jockeys. Before going professional, he spent much of his time arranging and producing dance music, as well as spinning for college and house parties all over the Bay Area. Since then he has also completed his Bachelor’s degree in philosophy at Sacramento State University, and has worked during the week as a teacher.

DJ Matthew is noted for many things other than just knowing his music: He has a wonderful ability to interact with all types of people, he’s calm in stressful situations, he’s professional, and he makes sure that everything happens when planned. He believes that when you hire him, you’re not just hiring him to bring out music, you’re hiring him to help coordinate your events and customize your sound, and he makes sure he has as much knowledge of you and your guests as possible before your event in order to assure an optimal performance.

After over 10 years of DJing, Matthew feels strongly about what he believes a good DJ should be: “A good DJ should not be ‘standard.’ A good DJ is always in tune with the crowd and able to have fun with them!”

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