Nick Conforti A Sound In Motion DJ/MC

Nick Conforti A Sound In Motion DJ/MC

The Importance of Meeting In-Person
At Sound in Motion, we highly encourage in-person meetings with your DJ/MC. We do this for a variety of reasons that directly benefit you, your DJ, and the event itself. Below, I will cover a few reasons why we do this.

Reason 1: The Customization
A DJ/MC, to the Sound in Motion standards, is somebody who does not simply show up to an event, do a job and leave. The process is much more in-depth than that. The DJ is the entertainer, the Master of Ceremonies, the one who is responsible for driving the party and so much more. Every event is different. There is no way to do this job in a cookie cutter fashion. It is all about customization. By meeting with your DJ in person, you are able to share your vision for the event. The benefit over a phone call is that the 3 of you are able go deeper into the conversation than a call may allow. The DJ is can customize your wedding by learning your style, your persona, and so many other things that can’t be communicated verbally. In short, the DJ is getting to know YOU as a person and not simply a faceless client.

Reason 2: Choosing Your DJ
While enabling the DJ to get to know you, you are also able to get a feel for the DJ. At Sound in Motion, every DJ is trained to the same high standard, able to perform at your event in a professional manner. However, every DJ has a personality that is all their own. Your DJ should be someone you are happy to share your event with not only as a professional but also as a person. Some personalities simply do not mesh just right. This is completely okay, and nobody is at fault when this happens but it’s very important to click with your DJ on a personal level. An initial, in-person meeting is a great way to get to know the DJ as a person to see if they are a good fit for you and the vibe you are aiming for with your event.

Reason 3: Connecting on a Personal Level
This reason really plays off of the other two, but it can’t be emphasized enough. The DJ is not someone who simply does a job for you. They are very important to the success of your event. They should not be someone that simply shows up to the event where you meet for the first time. They should be someone you are familiar and comfortable with, who knows and cares about you, and has been properly prepared by getting to know you. You should also care about them at this point, which will add a great vibe to your event with the DJ being included in the crowd of people you care about. This especially applies to weddings, but carries over to all types of events. This endgame goal simply can’t happen as well if you haven’t been able to establish a personal relationship with your DJ.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate the importance of the in-person meeting. Though all these reasons tie into each other, all are important. Sometimes it’s simply not possible to meet in person, and that’s okay. It may just require a bit more verbal effort to communicate properly. There are many reasons to meet with your DJ in-person, and all are geared towards your satisfaction and the success of your event. Maybe you will event make a lifelong friend in the process (think King Raffi)!

Thanks for Reading,
-Nick Conforti