Nick Conforti hails from Southern California and currently attends UC Santa Cruz as a film and digital media major. From the beaches of Santa Barbara to the forests of Big Sur, Nick enjoys spending time in the great outdoors capturing beautiful images wherever he can find them.

As an enthusiastic music lover, Nick can think of no better way to spend his days than as a DJ for Sound in Motion. At age eleven, he began teaching himself how to play guitar and piano. Since then, he has refined his natural ear for music in various forms. This makes being a DJ more than simply a pastime for him; it is an art. He enjoys music of all types, and does not discriminate by genre.

Due to his background in film, Nick is highly interested in sound design and how it can be utilized to set the tone of any environment. Whether a client requires a focused type of music or a wide variety, Nick is capable of and enthusiastic about providing the best customized service possible to fit anyone’s desires. Professionalism and passion can be expected of him at any event, no matter how big or small.

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