Sound In Motion Lighting

Sound In Motion Lighting

Sometimes you see a billboard or hearing radio commercials that hint at a company being “powered by” and something relevant to their business will then follow. Well here at Sound in Motion, we like to believe that we bring that statement to it’s true meaning and even take it a step further. Just the other day we had the rarest thing happen to us at a wedding.

The story is as follows…

It was a normal wedding day for us at SIM headquarters, all our staff ready and eager to help make everlasting memories for our clients. We follow one of our DJs up to the busy streets of San Francisco. It was all starting out as a normal set up with minor changes due to some rain. Our staff professionally set up as best as they could. We were contracted for not only our DJ/MC services but our pin spotting and uplighting. Ceremony went off perfectly.  We moved into cocktails and starting to prep for the reception portion of the evening and all the power in the hotel went out.  At this point it was all a waiting game to see when the power would be restored. Upon further investigation the party was told that it would be hours before power was to be restored. We could not wait any longer as guest were getting hungry and antsy. At this point our DJ, Brandon decided it would be a good to just welcome the guest in and do the grand introduction without a mic and music. He did a great job at getting the crowd involved and making it a truly unique entrance.

I’m sure at this point you’re asking yourself well how can these people see in this dark room, our answer is simple… This client was POWERED BY SIM!  We brought our battery powered uplights and pin spots. These lights are charged in advanced and can go hours before starting to fail. These lights not only saved the night, but they did just set the right room ambiance for an intimate dinner.

Moving forward into toast during dinner, Brandon did an excellent job at grabbing the crowd’s attention and inviting the toastees up for their words. At this point the bride and groom were over the moon at how well their party was coming along. They wanted to move forward to their special dances , but still had no power. Brandon being a quick thinker got his hands on a semi charged Bluetooth speaker and managed to play the bride and groom’s first dance. Although it wasn’t our full systems volume, it was just right so they could both hear it and enjoy.

Still with no power we managed to get another Bluetooth speaker – Then started a dance party using his two laptops which were each connected to a speaker and played from that.  Eventually the power came on with just 45 minutes left of their event and Brandon dropped the best power set ever to help end the night with a bang!

Ladies and gentleman, this is your outcome when you are POWERED by SIM!!!