ReillyMahonReilly Mahon is a San Francisco native whose one true passion has always been music. Starting from a very young age he attended as many concerts as his youth and his parents would permit in an attempt to soak up as much of the Bay Area music scene as possible.

He began playing guitar and bass at the age of twelve and has now become a part of the music scene that influenced his life so much as a child. Still an avid concert-goer and lover of all things performance, Reilly can think of no better way to spend his days than DJing events and playing in front of crowds.

Coming from a musical family and experiencing such a versatile music scene from a young age has given Reilly an extensive knowledge of music history and genres ranging from Classic Rock to Hyphy Hip-Hop and everything in between.

Aside from his love of music, Reilly is also a connoisseur of film and television, having received a degree in film production from UC Santa Cruz. His studies there, as well as the education in theater technology and production he gained during his stay at the San Francisco School of the Arts, have provided him with nearly ten years of event production experience, incorporating sound, lights, and stage management in both live theater and on film sets.

Outgoing, hard-working, always relaxed and level-headed even the most stressful of situations, Reilly is a born coordinator, able to adapt to any situation at a moments notice, making him the perfect candidate to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.