Anniversary Dance Couple

It is fairly often that I will meet with clients who don’t want to do a bouquet toss. Some people
have few or no single friends, and a bouquet toss would be an awkward flop. Others simply feel like a
bouquet toss is not their style, and would rather pass. While a bouquet toss can be great at many
weddings, there are alternatives for situations like the ones above. My favorite alternative, and the
one I will highlight here, is the anniversary dance. The anniversary dance is a tasteful and romantic
way to highlight the long term married couples attending the wedding. I suggest picking out a song for
this that has an appropriate theme, though any romantic song will do (talk to your DJ for ideas).

The anniversary dance can work in a few different ways. The most common way is for your DJ
to invite all the married couples out to the dance floor (including the newlyweds!). The DJ will then
explain how the dance works. The couples will dance to a song, as the DJ calls out periods of time on
the microphone (ex: 2 years, 10, years, 50 years). If the couple has been married for that length of time
or less, they exit the dance floor, eventually ending with the longest married couple on the floor. At this
point the bride and groom can approach the couple on the dance floor and hand them the bouquet, as
the guests applaud the winners. The DJ will then ask the couple if they have any advice for the
newlyweds, which inevitably will lead to an entertaining or romantic answer. This completes the
anniversary dance, and the party resumes!

There can be variations, as mentioned above. One is to replace the bouquet with another pre-
planned gift. That way you can still do a traditional bouquet toss if desired (or none at all!). You can
also skip the advice asking portion, though I highly recommend it. This dance can really be customized
any way you would like. It’s your wedding after all!

Thanks for reading!

-Nick Conforti