Want to find out which trends are going to be huge in 2015 and 2016? Elmore Court’s Wedding Manager Leesa Cole has put together her list of ultimate wedding trends for the next few months based on requests from couples set to wed at the venue in late 2015 or 2016.

Cheese Table

No more giant wedding cakes
Cole says, “We predict that the humble wedding cake may soon be a thing of the past, with the next year set to pave the way for what we call pudding cakes and wedding fakes.”

Pudding cake is an english term for cake that is made mostly of pudding to make it stretch further. Here in the states what we are seeing is a trend of making the wedding dessert out of pies, cheesecakes or other styles that don’t need all of the elaborate decorations.

A wedding fake would be choosing to do a savory option. A trend is brewing of having a cheese table or a mix of a savory and sweet buffet. Maybe you would see a combination of chocolates, cheeses, fruits and nuts. You could pair it with a dessert wine as well.


“Instagramable” Decor
Hipster 1

Cole states something here that we are already beginning to see. “Another big trend we expect to see continuing over the next few months is ‘Instagram Interiors’- styling your venue with specific thought to making it look ‘instagrammable’. Instagram is a huge influencer when it comes to trends and we’ve seen an increasing amount of couples choose elements to their décor specifically with their ‘Instagram factor’ in mind. Some of the most popular choices made specifically for their Instagram factor so far have been vintage bicycles acting as flower stands and illuminated signs- with wedding hashtags for guests to use increasingly on the up.”
Hipster 2

Metallic 1

Metallics are going to be huge on the wedding scene over the next few months. You may see them creeping in everywhere from stationery and jewellery, to head pieces and even shimmering wedding cakes. This can instantly inject a glamorous feel to your big day, with sequins and rose gold being seen in bridal party accessories.
Gold 2

Bringing the outdoors in
The trend that is starting to hit all over the country has already been popping up here in Northern California. Couples are embracing the idea of bringing the outdoors in. Stiff or static floral arrangements are being replaced with more free form bouquets utilizing many items found in nature. You will see ivy garlands, heather, wildflowers, nettles etc. This gives a rustic feel and bohemian vibe.